Thursday, September 21, 2017

The pivot

There's a term in the business world. It's used to refer to the practice of radically changing your business' direction in order to take advantage of current trends. The word, pivot, used to simply mean to turn, swivel or rotate. Much like the best chair a Supervillain can use is a swivel chair (I'll go into why another time).

As I see things, I made a very slow pivot from being the Supervillain of Podcasting to retirement, then to doing this blog. But a villain shouldn't be stagnant. It's time to pivot again. Now that my Doomsday Device has arrived, I need to get out of the hospital and start learning to use it. It's time to dust off the old cowl, practice my Evil Laugh, and set my sights on a new target.

Ready, aim, fire. Prepare to get Evil....

Friday, September 1, 2017

Doomsday devices

When planning a doomsday device, you need to balance cost, power, utility, and a few other factors. The whole process is taxing, mentally, but ultimately worth it. I recently went to the trouble of researching, pricing and purchasing a new "Big One", which I currently wait impatiently for. But I don't rage and curse every delay, I simply make more preparations with my extra time.
Or at least I DID make preparations. Now I sit, in a hospital, again, cut off from my usual tools and productivity devices, in danger of missing the delivery of my Doomsday Device. It's not like they're going to leave something so dangerous on a doorstep. That's where trusted henchmen come in.
Not those nameless minions so plentiful in number that it's not possible to tell them apart without a database of distinguishing features. One of them would drop it , accidentally trigger it, or screw up the settings before I get a chance to look at the Manual.
No, True henchmen have names, memorable personalities, and truly appreciate and believe in your vision, and in extension, believe in you. I am fortunate enough to have a few loyal henchmen who I'm sure will be able to secure the device without incident. For them I am grateful, and they will be amply rewarded.

It's very good for a villain to have trusted aids, treat your best henchmen well, and they will not fail you.