Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Moving right along...

Relocated my lair, but I still haven't finished unpacking yet. Everything's more expensive, nothing is easy to get to... But for now, it's perfect. Quiet, good for plotting, off the beaten path, plenty of space for doomsday devices, simply perfect.
My next move is to start blogging regularly again. Let's see how this lasts...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's Time to Get ill!

Yeah, I'm sick again. Writing this from my hospital room, actually. After my greatest triumph of the year (securing a new base of operations and getting my tools of destruction moved) My opportunistic body chose the perfect time to strike, debilitating me in the midst of the unpack phase. Even my bodily functions are villainous; it makes me proud.
I spent my first entire day in deep concentration. The only thing I allowed into my mind was my next breath. This was not strictly necessary, but foregoing breath control might have resulted in foregoing breathing control, and that's not the type of cyborg I'm willing to become right now. So I exerted my will on my       oxygen levels, and kept them at viable levels With The Power Of My Mind! Another red letter moment.
So even in near defeat I snatch my own victories. Because I make my own win conditions. And when I can do that,  as the rapper DJ Khaled says, "All I do is Win."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

No regrets

Yes, it's been months. In those months, I have not taken any significant strides in villainy, nor have I improved myself in any villainous manner. I have been alternately amusing myself and "dealing with shit", as they say. These are not meant to be excuses, just explanations. I feel I need to be earnest in these entries, but that doesn't mean that I regret anything I've done.

When I considered this post I realized a part of being a villain is knowing when to say " no". And what to say "no" to. No regrets is part of it, as is no fear, and no excuses. These are the main three "no's" of SuperVillainy. Knowing when to use each of these is an excellent path to success, in business , in villainy, and in life in general.

Despite my many medical issues, I did not have any fear, even when visiting a doctor and hearing the words "biopsy" and "tumor". I felt concern, of course, but not fear. I felt that I could and would deal with the situation, and surpass it. And I would not, and could not let this interfere with my life, or my plans. I will surpass this, and no, they did not say the word cancer.

On the subject of regrets, it is useless to waste time pining over things that cannot be changed. If you do this, you will find yourself living in the past, although you are standing in the present. You can of course consider options that you could have taken, but you can do this quickly, and move on. A supervillain does not does not let setbacks on previous missions prevent them from constructing a new plan. A supervillain moves on, and thinks bigger.

Which brings us to our final subject, no excuses. You can push blame upon underlings, or accept it yourself. But there is no excuse for what you do as a supervillain You do what you must, and you do it wholeheartedly. There are reasons for what you do, there are explanations for why you do it, but there are no excuses. To wish to be excused from blame for what you have done is anathema to a supervillain, who wants nothing other than credit for what they have accomplished. Take pride in your actions, and do not seek to be excused from them.

So there you have it: no fear, no regrets, and no excuses. Face your circumstances, accept what has been done, and take credit for what you have accomplished and all you have attained through this accomplishment. That is the way of the supervillain.