Monday, August 21, 2017

Growing older, Not getting old.

I've just celebrated my birthday, and it gave me some moments to reflect on the previous months of this year. I suffered 2 losses, one helpful but physically stressful, One deeply disheartening and personal and emotionally crippling. But here I sit, recovering from both and contemplating my return to Villainy.

Fitting that I share a birthday with H.P. Lovecraft, as my dreams and thoughts have grown darker this year. Fortunately I have cohorts that I have allowed to assist me in recovering. They raised my spirits and brought me comfort in a time of pain. With the simple gesture of a well-timed visit they have helped me regain my bearings, shake out the intellectual cobwebs and refocus. It took me a while, but I am mentally, if not physically, refreshed and ready to return to a life of Villainy again. This time, I am preparing to breach another "new medium" in my path of villainy, and I look forward to being evil in a whole new way.

Like many things, I intend to improve with age...