Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting used to disappointment

By now you're anticipating a lovely story about an independent film with an interesting title. Well you're not going to get that, so get used to being disappointed. Disappointment happens when things are pulled out from under you, like rugs. Because in the supervillain game that's what happens. You lose. A lot. Unfortunately for me the reason I do not have the story is not simply because I was always planning to teach you a lesson in disappointment, but because I'm currently battling the menace known as a toothache. This horror can happen anytime to anyone of us. It robs one of sleep, it makes eating a chore instead of a pleasure, and it is distracting to the point that it prevents one from thinking clearly. Which takes away three of the villainous enjoyments that I have. All three of my top ones by the way. I will have to explain villainous enjoyments in a later post, but for now enjoy your disappointment.

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