Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Return of the (Computer)King

My name is H.R. Tucker, and I used to be a supervillain. I say used to because after podcasting as a supervillain from 2006 to 2011 I slowly dropped off the scene, and into obscurity. I had a recognizable name, fans, other villains working with me, it was pretty sweet. But life does catch up to One as my compatriot Lord Malignance would say. More and more I found myself drawn into my "day job", trying hard to keep my normal life afloat. At the time I rationalized that this was all to keep people believing I was normal, that I was just like them: your average man, not a super villain.
And, before I knew it, that's what I was: a normal man. I didn't know when it happened, I didn't know why it happened, and for a long while I didn't know how to undo it. And then something worse happened, I succumbed to illness. Various maladies cause me to be less efficient, less able. And for over a year I felt like less than a normal man, and more like a walking collection of inabilities, deformities and aches.
Loss of my ability to "win bread" due to the length of time it was taking me to recover became the final straw, so to speak. I had to face the facts: things had changed, and I had to change with them, not wallow in self pity. Someone I respect suggested I start a journal, and I remembered blogging as a platform. Not as prestigious as podcasting, but still good for disseminating information, as well as for getting things off your chest.
So I shall do both. With this entry I start rebuilding myself as a supervillain. I start the process of moving away from that mundane identity that I hid behind. I start fanning the flames of revolution within my own heart, and changing. Change is hard, but I believe I can do it.

Because I am ComputerKing, and I can do ANYTHING!

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