Thursday, July 29, 2021

Preparing for My Month

 As is customary, I lay claim to the entirety of the month of August. The month I was born in shall be mine, until I no longer exist. This year is special, as I hit Level 50. Just like in a computer Game, I get to use Legendary Equipment (Already purchased a new laptop and smart watch), and maybe get a mount (Working on that, it takes a lot of grinding). I'll be going to the endgame level locale (Florida) for a few days, and I'm going to try to stay in contact with my minions a bit more than I have been lately. 

I've been stocking up on special items and I think Level 50's going to be the start of an interesting new chapter in my life. We Shall see.  

In case I need to advertise along the way, I've gotten some business cards. Behold!

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