Thursday, July 22, 2021

Official Statement

 Having used this space as only a mirror of my Twitter account for a very long time now, I figure my OG Minions, the ones who follow this blog from way back before my Streaming career, Deserve a post here now and then. Most have moved on to my other platforms, but if you haven't. Always remember: If you look for me online, if it doesn;'t seem like someone named ComputerKing is me, I'll probably be there as TheComputerKing. Because Screw the wannabe usurpers, I'm THE one.  The ComputerKing is Everywhere! ...Except Facebook. Fuck Facebook, it locked me out of my old account, and I can't get it back. So Fuck it. Never used it anyway, that's how it got locked in the first place. 

Thank you, OG Minions, for paying attention here. Going to start listing this site, tossing it around, maybe drum up some more business. Keep expecting the Tweets to show up here, but if I have a big opinion on something, I'll put it here.

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