Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The crimes, they are a-changing...

"Yes, ComputerKing," I hear you think, "you're pivoting. But what are you pivoting to?"

A simple question, with a simple answer. Gamification was a trend that had people trying to turn everything into a game. Work, self-improvement, groceries, people tried to make a game out of all of that and more. I could follow the trend, sheep my way into the herd, but that's not the Supervillain way. What I am going to do is the opposite: I'm going to take fun games and purposefully turn them into work.

I'm going to become the Supervillain of Streaming. A pivot that has the bonuses of claiming a new title, and exposing the gaming world to The ComputerKing! It appeals to my narcissism and allows me to play computer games. Excellent!

Keep alert to learn where and when you will be able to find me invading the world of streaming, faithful reader. Soon my evil will be spreading even further.

They won't know what hit them...

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