Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Music hath charms... soothe the savage breast. And I'm feeling very savage after a week of envisioning every person as a threat.

It can be a bit of a morale booster when you decide you've figured out how to take down each and every enemy, however is disheartening to know that you can destroy a very elderly person easily. It makes one very sad for them. As a caveat, you should most likely envision yourself fighting with no actual weapons. It becomes a bit easy to beat someone if you have a lead pipe or a gun. Too easy. But the visceral nature of envisioning yourself pounding someone directly in their weak spots is endorphin raising. So now I must focus on lowering my adrenaline levels, and what better way then by contemplating the beauty of music.
I'm in the process of developing my supervillain playlist on Google Play Music. I have a placeholder right now with all the obvious and stereotypical villain songs, along with other more subtle entries, and a few surprises. I'm boiling it down to a solid core of inspirational melodies, which I shall reveal to you next week.

Although there may be a bit of explaining, I believe it will prove to be a must have song list for any budding supervillain...

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